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Legs and back for daayz

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you don’t believe in squats huh?

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Exercise of the Day: Calf Raises

It’s important to strengthen your calves and ankles. We use them everyday when we walk, run, jump or play sports. They improve our mobility and performance. Having weak ankles and calves can lead to injuries such as ankle/calf sprains, ankle fractures or even damage to your achilles tendon.

Having strong ankles and calves are especially important for runners because it helps your foot push off when you run and your knee flexion when your leg swings.

Aim to strengthen them a few times a week by doing these 3 exercises:

  1. Basic Calf Raise
  2. Internal Rotation Calf Raise (toes pointed inward)
  3. External Rotation Calf Raise (toes pointed outward)

Do 20 reps of each exercise.

They are so easy that you can do them at home, work or the gym.

Try it!

Follow my blog for more Exercise of the Day moves.

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